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5935 chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Saint-Laurent (Québec) H4T 1C3

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To reach Vanguard School

Telephone: 514.747.5500
Fax: 514.747.2831


Contact for all new applications: Ms. Marguerite Stratford (interim)
Telephone : 514.747.5500 extension 6306

Contact for the follow-up of applications: Ms Fabienne Alcégaire
Telephone : 514.747.5500 extension 6307


Ms. Chantal Lalonde, extension 6336
Recevables accounts (Invoice to Parents)

Ms. France Desfonds, extension 6304
Payables accounts (Suppliers)

Archives and Records Management:

Ms. Chantal Lalonde, extension 6336
Recevables accounts (Invoice to Parents)

Elementary (French and English sector)

Ms. Sophie Lavoie, secretary extension 2121

High School - Cycle 1 - French sector

Ms. France Latour, secretary extension 3121

High School - Cycle 2 - French sector

Ms. Debbie Frank, secretary extension 4121

High School - English Sector

Ms. Paula Ketega Skyers, secretary extension 5121

To reach the Vanguard Foundation

Ms. Nicole de Flandre
Director of the Financial Campaign
Téléphone : 514.747.5500, poste 6337

Ms. Florence M. Arseneault
Finances and Administration
Telephone: 514.747.5500, extension 6311

Ms. Suzanne Langlais
Events Coordinator
Telephone: 514.747.5500, extension 6312

To reach the Vanguard Centre of Expertise
Telephone: 514.747.5500, extension 6309