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Our Mission

Vanguard’s mission is to help students with severe learning disabilities by offering them the resources that will enable them to learn and to experience academic success.

Our objective: To make a difference for each of our students

  • Promote academic success
  • Promote the development of self-esteem
  • Promote the development of each student’s potential
  • Promote the integration of our youth into society

In their own way

We work toward these objectives on a daily basis because we believe that all students can learn, given the necessary conditions and opportunities.

A Common Vision

By the quality of services to its students, by the expertise developed by its staff, by the quality of its infrastructures and by the excellence of the research and training exchanged with its partners, Vanguard will be recognized by specialized centres, universities, school boards, government bodies and the general population as the centre of excellence for the education of students with severe learning disabilities.

Vanguard School: a school centered on students’ needs

Vanguard School, a private school declared in the public interest, offers adapted educational services, in English or in French, to students with severe learning disabilities. The School offers a regular program of instruction, as set by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports, to students at the elementary and secondary levels.

At Vanguard School, we:

  • Favour pedagogical approaches that require students to take an active role in their learning, enabling them to become aware of their own learning styles and of ways to compensate for their difficulties;
  • Provide a specialized and personalized educational environment that enables students to progress at their own rhythm;
  • Foster a stimulating environment that develops the students’ academic motivation by offering them the opportunity to gain control over their learning;
  • Enable students to recognize their worth, their unique profiles and their capacity to  meet Ministry of Education program requirements.

Vanguard Foundation: because we believe in them!

Vanguard Foundation is a non-profit organization whose objective is to seek financial support and to carry out fundraising activities that support Vanguard School.

The funds collected contribute to activities such as:

  • Developing pedagogical material for our students;
  • Financing specialized training for our personnel;
  • Purchasing computer equipment and specialized software;
  • Carrying out research projects about specific learning disabilities and about related classroom intervention strategies.

The Vanguard Centre of Expertise (VCE): sharing Vanguard’s expertise is important to us!

The mission of the Vanguard Centre of Expertise (VCE) is to share with parents and professionals in education, the expertise, the proven approaches and interventions developed by the Vanguard team, for helping students with learning disabilities.

The VCE, through a variety of services, fosters the academic success and the full development of each student.

Making Vanguard’s expertise accessible means:

  • Meeting the needs regularly expressed by the community, of the many students who do not have the opportunity to benefit from services offered by Vanguard School, by offering a variety of services for students;
  • Meeting the needs expressed by schools in the public and the private sector, at the elementary, high school and college level, for workshops and support that will equip them with more knowledge and skills for educating students with learning disabilities;
  • Offering parents quality workshops that enable them to meet their children’s needs and to support their academic progress;
  • Raising awareness, implementing projects and initiatives to share knowledge with key players in the education community through our publications and through close collaboration with our partners: universities and school boards.