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Our Values

  • We put the student at the heart of our actions;
  • We believe that all of our students can learn and succeed, given the right conditions and opportunities;
  • We offer our students an education similar to that of other students in the province, in spite of their learning disabilities.  We believe that for students with learning disabilities, the impossible is possible;
  • We believe in a constantly evolving pedagogical expertise based on research and professional development;

Our Educational Philosophy

  • A specialized trained staff able to quickly meet the needs of our students;
  • A pedagogy, based on the development of cognitive and metacognitive strategies,  which places the students at the centre of their own learning;
  • An educational approach based on differentiation taking into account the specific profiles of each of our students;
  • A personalized approach for each of our students encouraging the development of self-esteem and academic motivation;
  • Multi-disciplinary teams which, in their practice, encourage the utilization of technology with our students;