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Target Audience: Those responsible for the development and/or review of IEP's (teachers, administrators, non-teaching professionals)

Presenter: Vanessa Dandavino, Director of the Vanguard Centre of Expertise

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: $1500 per workshop which will be held at your school

Workshop also open to the public at the Vanguard Centre of Expertise: Please contact us for more information

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Support Sessions

Assistance during the development of the IEP, in accordance with measures accepted by the Ministry of Education

Development of an IEP (complete process):

  • Data collection
  • Development of the plan
  • Review and evaluation of the plan
  • Meeting with parents
  • Meeting with the team working with the student

Currently offered in French only

It is important that students be actively involved in their own learning and be involved in their IEP.  Come and discover what can be put into place to allow a student to become more and more independent.

The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) allows professionals to put into place interventions for students with learning disabilities or difficulties, based on the priority objectives determined by the team working with the student, and with the participation of the student.  These actions are designed to help students achieve success and develop to his/her full potential.

Our priority « put the students at the center of their own learning and of the strategies to achieve success ».

Topics discussed :

  • How do we ensure that the IEP reflects the needs of our students while remaining realistic and practical?
  • What are the elements which promote the success of an IEP?
  • Needs + objectives + means = commitment