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Target Audience: Regular class teachers, special education teachers, resource teachers (all levels)

Presenter: Vanessa Dandavino, Director of the Vanguard Centre of Expertise

Duration : 6 hours

Workshop available to the public at the Vanguard Centre of Expertise: Please contact us for more information

Cost: $1500 per workshop which will be held at your school

Currently offered in French only

It is becoming more and more important that teachers understand how memory works and how it impacts on student learning.  Understanding memory allows teachers to better plan and teach in the classroom, but also gives them the tools to better support their students in the learning process.

This workshop will give you the necessary tools for you to take into account, in your teaching, the role of memory in student learning.  And you will discover simple tips and ways to effectively help your students to better understand, retain and transfer their knowledge.

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