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Target Audience: English teachers who teach all high school level, special education teachers, resource teachers

Presenter: Resource teacher

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: $1500 per workshop which will be held at your school

Currently offered in French only

Writing 100 Words Without Errors, A Possibility For All

For many years, Vanguard school has promoted the use of Word-Q and Antidote and has developed a text correction method which encourages the metacognitive development of students while they learn a wide range of grammar rules.  

This method, which is adaptable to the needs of students, is, for many, essential for their success. To write 100 words without errors is a reality which our students experience thanks to this approach.  Pedagogical differentiation allows students with particular needs to have access to various software programs for their evaluations.

  • How do these software programs really work?
  • Why should we use them in the classroom?
  • How to use them efficiently so that our students can develop to their full potential?
  • How to use these software programs to promote learning in class?
  • When are they most useful?