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Our expertise at your service

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Workshops for parents

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Workshops for professionals

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We offer workshops and professional development and training sessions which will allow you to assist students in achieving success on a daily basis.

Workshops and training sessions are currently being offered in Montreal and are available upon request in your area.

Services for students

The expertise of Vanguard is finally available for all students, thanks to personalized services, follow-ups and evaluations, tailored to their needs.


University students in a Masters program focusing on special education and looking for a stimulating environment for their internship are encouraged to contact us:

Come and live the Vanguard experience!

A unique Centre of Expertise in Canada

The mission of the Vanguard Centre of Expertise (VCE) is to share with parents and professionals in education, the expertise, the proven approaches and interventions developed by the Vanguard team, for helping students with learning disabilities.

The Vanguard Centre of Expertise, through its many services, promotes the academic success and developmental growth of students.

To ensure the accessibility of Vanguard’s expertise means that we: