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School Perseverance: Mission accomplished!

In June 2018, 116 Vanguard school students graduated with a high school diploma and the vast majority of them are pursuing post-secondary education despite their severe learning disabilities. These young people, who were doomed to academic failure and dropout statistics, are, today, young citizens well prepared to live their full potential.

Major Campaign 2014-2019

The Vanguard Foundation's major campaign has permitted us to implement various projects to benefit our students. It’s thanks to the generosity of our partners that our students continue to benefit from an education adapted to their needs within a prestigious and state of the art learning environment.

As a former Vanguard parent, you understand how Vanguard School provides an education focused on achieving academic success, building self- esteem, striving to fulfil each child’s full potential and harmoniously integrating into society.

Several projects funded by the campaign

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