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Vanguard Foundation’s 2014-2019 major fundraising campaign raised $3.5 million!

The campaign, titled “Give Them Wings!,” was a great success thanks to the generosity of many donors and partners.

Thanks to the support of our many partners and donors, Vanguard is able to continue to be a leader in its field and extend its expertise throughout the province; because the need to help young people with learning disabilities is growing across Québec.

Support generating several projects

Thanks to the funds raised during the campaign, various projects have been developed to benefit young people with learning disabilities and contribute to efforts such as lowering the school dropout rate. These include:

  • establishing a bursary program to provide financial support to families in financial difficulty who have a child attending Vanguard School;
  • acquiring technology to facilitate learning; developing the Vanguard Centre of Expertise, which responds daily to the needs of struggling students across the province;
  • setting up a robotics club;
  • continuing construction of the sports and drama complex.

Please click hear to see the list of funders for the 2014-2019 major fundraising campaign
List of funders

Thank you for supporting school perseverance and academic success.
Thank you for supporting Vanguard!