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Why give?

Vanguard Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to support the projects and initiatives of Vanguard School.

A non-profit organization (NPO), Vanguard School is declared to be in the public interest by Québec’s Ministère du Québec (MEQ). Vanguard School is a specialized school offering educational services to students with severe learning disabilities, in English or in French, The School offers a regular program of instruction, as set by the Ministry of Education to students at the elementary and secondary levels.

Vanguard’s mission is that of offering every child with severe learning disabilities an education focused on achieving academic success, building self-esteem, striving to fulfil each child’s full potential and harmoniously integrating into society.

Vanguard School aspires to be an innovative teaching environment that promotes professional development, research and the sharing of expertise with the wider educational community.

Vanguard School is an Associated School with the Université de Montréal. Research and Development are at the heart of this exciting partnership.

What is the impact of your donation?

By investing in young people with learning disabilities today, you encourage their education, fight school drop-out among them and promote the development of young, productive and fulfilled citizens for our society.

  • In Quebec, the school dropout rate is one of the highest in the country ;
  • School dropout cost more than $ 1.9 billion each year to Quebec society ;
  • 40% of dropouts have a learning disability;
  • 2/3 of high school students with learning difficulties do not graduate with a diploma
    (source Journal de Montréal May 10 2019 ed.)

Vanguard, school perseverance: Mission accomplished!

Each year, close to 120 Vanguard school students graduate with a high school diploma and the vast majority of them pursue post-secondary education despite their severe learning disabilities. These young people, who were doomed to academic failure and dropout statistics, are, today, young citizens well prepared to live their full potential.

Testimony of a former Vanguard School student

My name is Georgia Kiriakos and I have a learning disability.

As most people will say, school was extremely hard. By the time I got to Grade 6, we found out that I had a learning disability. For high school, I came to Vanguard knowing this school was going to help me. Of course, school was still hard, but I was determined to succeed, and I was happy to be learning. Well, I did succeed by graduating from Vanguard and following my dreams to becoming a teacher. I wanted to give back to the community that helped me to push myself further. Thank you, Vanguard!

Now I am a teacher at Vanguard School helping students understand that a life with a learning disability just means taking the longer, scenic route to our destination!

Georgia Kiriakos is a High School teacher, Cycle 1, at Vanguard School and a member of the Board of Directors of the Vanguard Alumni Association.

Thank you for supporting school perseverance,
Thank you for supporting Vanguard!

For more information on our program please contact
Nicole de Flandre, Director– Fondation Vanguard
514-747-5500 # 6337