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Why give?

Your donation is important! It enables us to help Vanguard School nurture what students need most: self-esteem, knowledge and tools to learn in their own way so that they can develop their full potential.

What is the impact of your donation?

On our community:

Parents are proud to see that, at Vanguard, their children can finally learn in their own way because they are supported, understood and accompanied throughout their schooling.

On Vanguard students:

“Before, I wasn’t doing well at school. Now after 2 years at Vanguard, I’ve been successful, I’ve worked hard and my teachers have never given up on me. I’m proud of myself.” Andréanne

Not only do the students benefit from instruction adapted to their specific needs, but they also benefit from the expertise our staff gains from research projects associated with Vanguard.

On our School:

The possibility of opening in new places, of collaborating with universities on research projects and of expanding our social mandate by sharing our expertise, which we have developed over the past 40 years, with as many children with learning disabilities as possible.