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What is a specialized private school declared in the public interest?

  • Specialized: the services are targeted for a specific clientele (see the admission criteria).
  • Private: the school is a non-profit corporation and has its own Board of Directors.
  • Public interest: at the request of the Ministry of Education, we are a complementary service to school boards. A school board may call on our services in two circumstances: to offer a service that cannot be offered within the board; to address a specific (or severe) disability of a child who corresponds with the profile of Vanguard School's students.

It is the responsibility of the School Board to evaluate the need for an extra-territorial agreement with Vanguard for a particular child.

What are the fees?

  • Opening and updating a school file: $50 (non-refundable)
  • Tuition fees: No fees * or $150 $ per year **

* If the student's school board of origin and Vanguard School sign an extra-territorial agreement recognizing that the student's difficulties justify enrollment at Vanguard School

** In other cases, the student's schooling is subsidized by the Ministry of Education. A fee of $150 per year is to be paid by parents.

School transportation

Vanguard does not have its own transportation service. Transportation is provided by:

  • the parent;
  • the student's school board of origin, if there is a school board agreement for the child's enrollment at Vanguard.  Please note that the school board has no obligation to provide transportation, even if there is an agreement for the student's enrollement at our school;
  • private transportation (paid by parents);
  • public transportation.

Calendar: applications for admission

Our suggestions for parents regarding a school board agreement (entente):

The Ministry of Education stipulates that files with school board agreements must be prioritized by Vanguard School.

In order to determine if your school board will sign an entente for your child, we suggest the following steps:

  • Meet with the professionals at your child's school (teacher, principal, specialized resources...) in order to review your child's profile and progress;
  • Depending on your child's needs, the strategies used with your child may be readjusted;
  • Review, with the team, the possibilities for remediation (mid and long term) within the school board;
  • Be aware that an agreement with Vanguard School is considered to be a solution of last resort, and must be agreed to by all concerned (teacher, principal, specialists, parent and child);
  • Further to this meeting, a written report presenting the proposed recommendations should be sent by the school team to the person responsible for Special Needs at the school board;
  • Follow-up to know the decision of the school board, further to their analysis of the team's recommendations.