To make a difference
for each of our students

Every child can learn; this is a certainty shared by everyone at Vanguard School. Children with learning disabilities are no exception! It is up to the teaching professionals to have the right expertise to offer the proper means, adaptations, and interventions to each one.

Vanguard School has this expertise.

Being a student at Vanguard School means first and foremost recognizing that you need a different kind of support and accepting the privilege of being accompanied by teaching professionals who have the expertise required to offer you this support. It is also a great opportunity to measure the extent of your true strengths and to give yourself the tools that will allow you to learn for the rest of your life.

Welcome to Vanguard School.

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INNOVATIO – Benefit evening for Vanguard School’s 50th anniversary!

Vanguard School is celebrating half a century of courage, creativity and innovation! 

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Image où l'on voit un élève et son enseignant qui l'aide à comprendre un problème.

Teaching practices

Vanguard School’s daily practices include explicit teaching of various strategies tailored to the needs, as well as continuous and regular evaluation with feedback.

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Vanguard School: Innovation, our nature…

Innovation at Vanguard School is a multitude of new ideas, approaches, and technologies that are implemented and tested to develop students’ full potential and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our educational systems.

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I highly recommend Vanguard School for students with learning disabilities. The school offers  all the necessary resources. Students are accompanied by remedial teachers, psychologists, and special educators.

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