Student Services

A school that takes differences into account means:

  • Understanding the student’s needs
  • Offering the appropriate support and tools
  • Engaging students in the acquisition of tools and strategies that will follow them throughout their lives


Image où l'on voit un élève et son enseignant qui l'aide à comprendre un problème.

Are at your disposal:

Substance Abuse Prevention Worker

The role of substance abuse prevention work is to provide prevention services in the school. They are required to facilitate various substance abuse prevention workshops in the classroom, develop and participate in awareness campaigns to meet the needs of students, provide early intervention and referrals, and support the school staff team in substance abuse prevention practices.

Our team:

Joele El-Hayek 

Mélodie Lapierre 

Speech-Language Pathologists

The speech-language pathology service at Vanguard School supports the academic success, socialization, and professional integration of students with language and learning difficulties. Through their expertise, the speech-language pathologist can equip the student and support the school team in terms of social communication skills and strategies, oral language (expression and comprehension), reading, writing, and mathematical problem-solving.

Elementary, French sector:

Elementary, English sector:

High School, French sector:

High School, English sector:

Sex Education Specialists

The sex education specialists offer workshops in the high school classroom based on the Ministry’s mandatory sexuality education content. In addition, they offer individual support services to meet the more specific needs of students. They are available at the school from Monday to Friday and can be reached by email if needed.

High School, French sector:

Karine Janelle 

High School English sector:

Audrey-Ann Gaudreault

Resource teachers

Resource services at Vanguard are complementary service that aims to help children and adolescents develop their full potential. The resource teacher works in collaboration with teachers, parents, and other professionals involved with the student. Resource periods can be used in a variety of contexts, such as developmental, remedial, and manipulative activities, to support students in their learning and development so that they can reach their full potential.

PhD in School/Applied Child Psychology

The psychology department addresses the learning and emotional needs of students in the school setting. Our goal is to promote a positive learning environment for students with specific learning disabilities and other neurodevelopmental disorders. We do this through individual and group interventions with students, consultations with teachers, workshops, and liaison work between families and community services.

Psychology department (High School only)

English sector:

Marina Ter-Stepanian


A psychoeducator is first and foremost a field person, present in the daily lives of students at school to promote their social integration and autonomy. To do this, psychoeducation can detect, evaluate, and support students who are experiencing adjustment difficulties that have a negative impact on their integration and learning at school.

Our psychoeducators:

Laurianne Marquis (Primary)

Amélie Ménard-Vendette (Secondary)

Special Care Counsellors

The SCC works in collaboration with teachers and other professionals to intervene directly with students with disabilities or with learning difficulties, adjustment difficulties, or behavioural difficulties. Their role is important to help the student, but also to support the teacher in the execution of their various tasks or in maintaining a harmonious climate. For example, they are often called upon to develop, organize, and lead various educational activities to develop social, cognitive, psychomotor, communication, self-esteem, assertiveness, problem- and conflict-resolution skills, etc.


Judith Asselin 

Karolyne Normand 

High School, French sector:

Stéphane Allard

Camille Boisjoly-Grisé 

Léonie Lévesque 

Paul Conrad Petiny 

High School, English sector:

Joses Obas

Paul Conrad Petiny

Social Worker

The social worker usually helps identify and recognize students experiencing social, family, personal or academic difficulties, with a view to prevention and intervention. At Vanguard School, our social worker works mainly on creating and adapting educational content related to anxiety (Dé-stresse Progresse program in elementary school and Hors piste in high school).

Name of the person: Lydiane Dugas-Legault

Vanguard School provides transportation for more and more students from one year to the next. Supported by the Ministry of Education, students can sometimes be transported by their school board or (for many of them) by a transport set up by our school. For any information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact Student Life.

Please note that carpooling arrangements are also in place, and direct shuttles between our school and metro stations are also in place to facilitate transportation for everyone.


Please see this document for transportation options offered by Vanguard School.

Contact Transport

Daycare Service

Summer school

The end of the school year has arrived and we are again offering summer courses.

  • Who is eligible to attend summer school?

If your child fails a core subject (English language arts, math or French second language) and the grade in the summary column, for that subject, is between 50 and 59%,a teacher will contact you on June 26 to let you know they need to register. If you are not contacted, it means your child does not need to attend summer school or that he is not eligible according to the criteria listed above.

Students wishing to consolidate their learning or wishing to prepare for the following school year can also attend. Once completed, you will receive a certificate informing you if your child has passed the summer school (pass/fail mark).

  • Group lessons

Group lessons (Math and French Second Language, for now) will take place from Monday July 3 to Friday July 14 , Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to noon. The cost is 675$. It is important to note that these courses will only be offered if there are enough students enrolled.

  • Private lessons

IF you prefer, your child can follow 10 hours of private lessons (in-person or remotely) for an amount of 950$. Once the 10 hours are over, the student will have to come to school on July 13 and/or July 14 to take a retake exam. 

  • Registration and payment

You will find the registration form under the heading “student services” of the school website starting June 27. The payment will only be available once the courses have been confirmed, starting July 3, on the Pluriportail, under the tab «community».

Registration for group summer school: click here.

Registration for private summer school: click here.

For more information, you can contact us at .


Our uniforms are available according to your requests, all year long. For more information, contact the Student Life department.

Contact Student Life

Catering service and cafeteria

Elementary catering

Elementary school students do not have access to the high school cafeteria directly, but they do have access to catering for families who want it.

Here are the menus for the 2023-2024 school year:

Menu for September to January

Menu for February to May

To order the catering service online, here is the information:

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If you have any questions, please contact us


High School Cafeteria

Included here are the menus as well as the price list:

Menu for 2023-2024 (September to January)

Menu for 2023-2024 (February to May)

Price list

You can add credit to your account online at the following link:

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

To open an account

Information needed to open an account with the cafeteria.

Open an account

Necessary information to open an account with the cafeteria.

Interval: a school company

Interval is a school company made up of students, staff, and professional teachers specializing in food service for the entire Vanguard School. For the past 26 years, our priority has been to guide students through courses, training, and internships that orient them toward the job market.

See specific work-oriented programs

Tutoring Services

Your child will be accompanied by a tutor (teacher or resource teacher) who has training or experience working with students with learning difficulties. This is a tutoring service that allows students to review certain concepts, learn to work with their strengths and develop effective strategies specific to their learning style.


Private lessons :

65$/60 minutes or 

55$/50 minutes

Semi-private courses

50$/60 minutes

41.50$/50 minutes

To make a tutoring request for your child, please complete the relevant information in the following link: FORM

For any other question, you can reach us at the email address

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