Student Life

Vanguard School sets up student activities that meet the current needs of students and that evolve over the years. Sports, cultural and scientific activities, outdoor activities—everything is put in place to meet the needs of the students, enhance their self-esteem, and allow them to share great moments with their peers. The school is a source of learning and pleasure!

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Elementary after-school services

Beginning in childhood, we prioritize fun, communication, and cognitive developmental behaviours via fitness, performing arts, science, and field trips that foster all educational and social aspects in the student. Our priorities include:

  • Daily
    • Hip-hop dance
    • Choir
    • Chess
    • Sciences
    • Tournament
    • Thematic days
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  • Year-round
    • Back to-school activity
    • Themed holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.
    • Outing / End of the year activities
    • Talent Show
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High School Extracurricular Activities

In addition to promoting activities that allow students from different grade levels and different linguistic and cultural communities to meet, our school offers activities that respond to the interests of our students while exposing them to discoveries. Academic and extracurricular fun is guaranteed!

  • Daily
    • Arcade 
    • Student Radio
    • Training room
    • Art Club
    • End-of-day activities
    • Sports activities (free participation)
    • Visual Arts Club
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  • Year-round
    • Back to school and end-of-year activities
    • Thematic activities (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day)
    • Sports teams: Basketball, Flag soccer, Soccer, Volleyball 
    • Student Council
    • Outdoors Days
    • FillActive
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Flag football, basketball, indoor soccer, FillActive, the Olympics, and periods for team sports are a source of pride for the students and a part of their identity. Sports at Vanguard School lead to great success while participating in many inter-school leagues.

  • Daily
    • Training room:
      The training room is available during lunch hours and after school.
    • Participation in sports team training (according to individual choice)
  • Vanguard School sports teams
    Vanguard School is known for its sports team spirit among Montreal colleges. Our experienced coaches accompany any student who wishes to excel in the benefits of sports. Vanguard School is committed to discipline in education and the development of self-confidence, motivated by passion and fun. Come and encourage the Titans this year by following the game schedule!


The Vanguard Robotics program introduces students to robots and technology while providing cross-curricular skill development enrichment for students living with learning disabilities. Since 2016, Vanguard’s robotics team has enthusiastically participated in the First Lego League (FLL) competition, winning the Judges’ Award multiple times. In 2019, the team even reached fourth place in the competition. In 2022, the high school senior robotics team competed in the FIRST Robotics Challenge and won the prestigious Judges’ Choice Award. This program demonstrates the importance of investing in enrichment activities for students, even those living with learning disabilities, and showcases the talent and perseverance of these students.

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Trips and outings

Every year, our grade 10 and 11 students have the privilege of getting involved in a humanitarian mission abroad if they wish. The sum of the courage, perseverance and mutual aid of our students (accompanied by teachers and professionals from the school) results in concrete solutions for people living in more disadvantaged countries. A unique educational and humanitarian experience that benefits everyone! Read about our 2023 mission in Guatemala and learn how our students come to realize the value of such an experience.

Space rentals

During the evenings or on weekends, you wish to organize sports tournaments, private meetings, a conference, etc. We may have the place and the equipment you need.

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Committees and involvement

If you would like to get involved in your child’s environment, please note that teachers and the various sectors write an email to parents in the community as soon as the need arises. Your participation is certainly welcome and solicited.

However, if you wish to participate in advance, please send us your contact information and the desired involvement by writing to us.

Contact us for more information

Events and activities

Many annual events demonstrate our reliable experience. Follow our events to get tickets or attend our free gatherings, to support every success and progress of our school.

List events or activities?

For example: 

  • Performances in the drama program
  • Winter outing days
  • Talent show
  • Secondaire en spectacle
  • Winter Carnival
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Graduation Ball
  • Sports Gala
  • Olympics

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